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SLS - Bradford - Service Overview
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SLS - Bradford - Service Overview
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About us

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to live independently and to make their own choices and decisions about their lives. In our supported living services we offer support to develop life skills to assist independent living, learning and working. This service is for people with learning disabilities who want to live independently and need support to do so.

The Supported Living Services in Bradford in West Yorkshire enable people with learning disabilities and physical disabilities to live in their own or their family home with the support they need to do so.

Support Team

We endeavour to ensure that all people receiving our services are assisted to live full lives and reach their potential. To achieve this, we make sure we have a competent, caring and committed staff team, and expertise in caring for people with special needs. Training and development of staff is a key priority for us to ensure service delivery is of the highest standard.


  • Enabling people to live independently in their own or family home
  • Support can be provided from 1 or 2 hours to 24-hours a day
  • Competent, caring and committed staff team
  • Accommodation available in homes for up to 4 people sharing

Support offered includes:

Living Skills
Cooking, cleaning, shopping, washing, ironing, gardening, rights and responsibilities.

Community Living
Finding out about services near their home, including day services, employment and education, accessing social and community activities, advocacy support and travel and holidays, including support whilst on holiday.

Paying bills and rent, budgeting and saving and claiming and collecting benefits.

Helping people to understand their license agreement or tenancy, what their rights are and what the landlord must do, helping people to get to know their neighbours and health and safety.

Personal care can also be provided, which is assessed on an individual basis.


Each person’s package is costed separately and the cost is based on their assessed need. A full costing is provided prior to any decision on the provision of any services.

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